And we’re back!

And we’re back! Actually, I am, A&G Blogger from last summer only now I have LOADS more to do so I’m not sure how this blogging thing is gonna go. I do know today’s will be super brief as I’ve got to run but I wanted to say a quick hi and, since Eivør’s been […]

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Vigel & Ale Q Feat Jack Wilby

NEW SINGLE RELEASE FROM ARMADA ZOUK COMING SOON! “An astounding mixture of melody, power and Jack Wilby’s superb vocals, ‘Feel So Alive’ is the latest from Armada Trice regular Vigel and Ale Q. Definitely one to turn clubs and festivals inside-out all across the globe, this high-octane cut will have the crowd jumping like there’s no […]

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Aahhahh….start of Mariah’s only Christmas Song people know from her…get it?…no, we tried haha! So, it’s CHRISTMAS WEEK. Who’s excited? Who’s been Naughty or Nice? Christmas Shopping all done? No? You’re not the only ones, trust us…we didn’t even dust of the Xmas tree in the storage for the office ha! Bah Humbug. No, we […]

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Don’t we all just love waking up to #NewMusicFriday playlists, after a heavy night on Thursdays….because you do know right that Thursdays are the new Fridays?? Yeah!! C’mon guys, get with it 🙂 I joke! Which is your default go-to #NewMusicFridays playlist though? Are you a spot-i-fier or an Apple-Musika? hmm…decisions decisions…. ….Anyway, back to […]