It’s a wrap! vs. 2017


It’s that time of year again…time to reminisce about what yet another strange year 2017 has been on a global scale but how the music industry managed to keep its shit together.

On our side, 2017 was an especially eventful year: Eivør alone released a highly acclaimed album that saw her playing the prestigious Jools Holland show, brought her to the UK for not one but two sold out tours and a one-off gig at London’s Selfridges, a special show for tech giants Bang&Olufsen and got Sir Elton John playing her tunes on his Rocket Hour show on Beats 1! Her stats are through the roof and 2018 has only bigger things happening! Stay tuned…

Our homegrown Jess Thristan released her debut album as well as having her first major label release as a featured artist on her co-write, “Echoes of Us”, on Sony Germany.

Working with Lee McCutcheon and Nick Southwood, UK Gold and Platinum status outstanding writer, Sara Eker, was a regular on the Spotify viral charts with Warner country newcomer, Catherine McGrath, and Global boyband The Shades. Not to mention  Shane Richie’s “A Country Soul”, which knocked off the queen and king of country, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, from the #1 spot on the UK country charts.

Jack Shaw released his latest EP, Summers III, with another one coming out this January just as he heads over to the other side of the Atlantic for new adventures – Canadian artists, writers and producers, hit us up!

And finally, the second half of the year brought our latest signing, London-based writer/producer Anthony Goldsbrough, who’s been Germany’s man of the hour lately so get your sessions in for the new year before he’s all booked up!

Alongside writing for Warner Germany, sessions with Lee Ryan, Jamie Grey and many more, Anthony’s also been developing newcomer Georgie Keller (who’s playing London on 22 Feb – come along!).

A warm thank you to all our colleagues, partners, writers and producers. We wish you all a wonderful holiday break! 

We obviously couldn’t leave this without a playlist – here’s the only soundtrack you’ll need this Christmas:


Lots of love!

xoxo team A&G

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