Save it for a rainy cliché…

Friday, blog day. Hi!

It’s been pretty busy around here, quite a few bits of news…

We started the week having Eivør over to chat about new music and she also sat down to chat to a big mag but we will tell you about that when the time comes. In the meantime, another cool mag that recently interviewed our Faroese star was Notion. They had a word before her Selfridges’ UltraLounge set and you can read all about it here.

On Tuesday we had none other than songwriter/producer/studio owner/tour manager/younameit!, Anthony Goldsbrough, who came by for welcome drinks to celebrate officially joining our roster!

Anthony is a fantastic writer who’s worked with Emeli Sandé, James Bay, Louisa Johnson, Jamie Miller and many others and we’re very excited to have him work with us.


In other news, our MD, Roy Lidstone, and A&G Sync creative, Zoë Hart, are currently in Germany for C/O Pop Festival + Convention where Roy was part of the music supervision panel yesterday alongside Jesper Gadeberg from Music Stylist, Bobby Gumm from TrailerPark, Budde Music and Dan Burt.


One of the latest and hottest bands in town, The Shades, released today their second single, “Trouble”, co-written by our hitmaker Sara Eker and

you can find it on all digital platforms.

And finally, today also sees the second single off of Jess Thristan‘s debut album! You can also find “No Romeo” and the first single, “I Say Yeah”, on all digital platforms. Don’t forget to follow Jess on her socials to keep up-to-date with her track by track weekly release!

And we DO have a playlist today!! It is 5:47pm and the sky is the most beautiful shade of bright blue, the sun is shining, but throughout the whole day it actually poured like we were in the tropics or something. Our Head of Sync, Kiran, is also the usual office DJ and, somehow, everything he played today matched that greyness so…you know, it’s totally overdone but rainy day tunes are also NEVER enough!

Have an amazing weekend, everyone!! Until next time


xoxo A&G Blogger


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