Who needs #NewMusicFriday when you’ve got this sync team?!

I’m pretty sure I started one of my very first A&G blog posts over a year ago with this but I just had to repeat it…first of all, it’s a classic! Second, every single person in this office coincidentally started their working day with this track, so let’s make our minds up and decide what seat to take because…

(if you don’t know the lyrics to this gem you won’t get this and also, how did you dodge that bullet?!)

Anyway, we’ve got super exciting news on the Eivør front as it was announced that she’s playing an exclusive show at Selfridges – yes, you read that right! – as part of an event with the brilliant organisation that is Music Matters, a collective that aims to educate audiences on the importance and value of music. (Let’s face it, in a world where people think paying £10/month for all the music is too much, there’s a lot of educating to be done…TEN POUNDS. That’s barely two beers in London! For ALL.THE.MUSIC. Remember when we paid £10 for ONE CD?!)

But yeah, so Eivør (with the lovely Charlie Cunningham), exclusive show, Selfridges, 27 July. Tickets here.

If you’re a fan of our lovely Jess Thristan, keep an eye out (or follow us, ya know) as we’ve got loads of stuff in the works coming soon!

And finally, playlist. Following my brief rant last week about #NewMusicFriday making me sad, I thought I’d offer an alternative. The tracks are not necessarily new to the world but they were new to me and maybe you can discover something too if you’re not already in the loop with these incredible artists!

The guys at A&G Sync are often playing their latest signing and discoveries in the office so my Shazam list consists mainly of that (if you’re a music supervisor/filmmaker/etc and you’re not in touch with them, are you even a professional?!).

Here is a small selection of said tracks but I’d suggest you follow the playlist because it’s one of those ongoing projects…I’ll add more as they come.

Enjoy!! And, as usual, any suggestions, please send over. Feeling a little lonely here…I know we’ve got readers, make yourselves known!!

xoxo A&G Blogger


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