Something Original

We didn’t make a playlist today…

…I was SO excited last night for #NewMusicFriday which never happens but there were at least 3 albums and a single I was really looking forward to finally adding to my collection so I thought I’d make that generic “Fresh Finds” thing for you guys.

After going through the “New Music Friday” playlists of about 7 countries I couldn’t take it anymore. Save for about 3 tracks everything sounded EXACTLY THE SAME. And exactly the same as everything that’s been released in the past couple of years. Everyone sounds THE SAME. Can somebody please send some original stuff this way, please?! I BEG YOU!! The Swedish playlist actually has a track about a bloody FIDGET SPINNER!!!!!!! (Stop the world, I want to get off!!!!)

Anyway, the albums I was looking forward to were Haim’s “Something To Tell You”, my friend Dan Raza’s “Two” and lovely Jade Bird’s debut EP + Wolf Alice’s latest track.

Tbh, even though I’ve been counting the days for its release since it was first announced, I haven’t been in the right state of mind to listen to Haim’s new album yet.

In the spirit of originality, instead of a playlist I’ll share Jade’s EP to see you through the weekend (she’s playing Hyde Park on Sunday btw!). I’ve loved her since the first time I saw her playing Sofar Sounds in April last year and continue to fall every single time I see her. You can’t get more cliche than this but she’s so young yet SO wise beyond her years…SO SO SO talented!! So here you go, folks, Jade Bird:

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