Happy 150th, Canada!!


It’s Friday, Friday, so blog time. Coming a little bit later than usual as it’s been busy around our HQ.

We do have really exciting news but can’t share just yet so that’s annoying but promise you guys (3, 4 readers?!) will be the first to know!

Here’s an extra long playlist to make up for this!

It’s Canada Day tomorrow so, like last year, obviously our tunes all come from Trudeau’s land. It’s a special birthday though as the country turns 150 – our little baby is growing up!! – so we’ve got 150 of the top Canadian tracks picked mostly by people who know their home talent more than I do: Toronto radio station Indie88.

A handful of tracks were sadly not available on Spotify, like the one track that was voted top Canadian, The Tragically Hip‘s “Bobcaygeon”, so I took the liberty to add some of my favourites.

Hope you all enjoy getting more acquainted with the music from the politest place on Earth – it’s not just Drake and JB, they actually have some AMAZING bands!!


I’ve gotta say, my favourite Bryan Adams did not feature in Robin Hood or any of the Walkabout branches that used to be around London – his best track in my opinion is definitely “When You’re Gone” featuring Mel C, aka Sporty Spice.

But anyway, got suggestions to add to the list? Please do send it over!

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