Summer is officially here and we’ve got all your music needs…

I know, I know, playlists and all usually come on Fridays…how great are we?!

Well, we wanted to celebrate the start of summer and Jack Shaw’s latest EP release so here we are a little earlier and we’ve got loads to catch you up on anyway.

So, as we mentioned last time, Eivør was around our shores for her first UK tour and it was INCREDIBLE! Some of us managed to catch her a few times and it was just magical. Lucky for you she’s coming back in November and you can grab tickets for either Bristol, London or the Manchester date – or all! – right here.

We’ve got some really cool videos of her performances to share in the coming weeks but you can start catching up with the first part of this behind-the-scenes shoot:


Last night we also got to see the lovely Jess Thristan at the legendary venue that is The Troubadour in Earls Court and she sounded AMAZING! The whole line-up was so talented, actually. We fell in love with newcomer Julian LeBen who looks so so young, as if he’s just starting out, but sounds like a total pro and the incredible voice who opened the night but sadly we didn’t catch her name. I’ve reached out to the venue to find out though, so hopefully I’ll have it next blog.



In other news…as we said above, Jack’s got his new EP out TODAY right in time for Summer Solstice and you can find it on any of the digital platforms you use.

He’s also put out a lyric video of his and Autolaser’s track “Put The Lights On” which you can see here and start practicing your sing-a-long:



It wouldn’t be a weekly update from us without a playlist and, as cliche as it is, we’ve obviously gone for the summer theme. It’s 34˚C out, you’ll need this.

Until next time


xoxo A&G Blogger

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