Partner spotlight: Downtown Music Publishing

Our spotlight today shines over our Benelux sub-publisher, Downtown Music Publishing.

Established in 2007, Downtown is a leading independent publisher with their main office in New York USA. Over the past years, Downtown’s catalog has grown to include over 60.000 copyrights, including the works of  hard rock legends Mötley Crüe, renowned film composer Hans Zimmer, influential punk rockers Social Distortion, pop rock act Neon Trees and the critically acclaimed artist and actor Mos Def.

Downtown writers have penned hit singles for artists such as Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Carrie Underwood, Katy Perry, Keith Urban, & Rihanna. Recently, Billboard Magazine recognized this chart success by ranking the company as one of the top ten music publishers in the United States.

Downtown has been an outstanding partner to us. Among the constant briefs we receive, the company has hooked our songwriter Sarah deCourcy up with world renowned DJ Armin van Buuren resulting in the hit “Face of Summer” as well as collaborating in writing camps and, the latest news from this successful relationship, will be out this coming October….more on that then of course 😉

Among Downtown’s activities are song pitching and placements, copyright protection/management, legal advice for composers and lyricists, sample clearance and income collection.

Downtown on socials:


For more info or to find out more about how to become a partner, get in touch with us here.

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