Weekly Round Up – #rio2016

Hey readers!

Today is Friday, 5 August, and the start of the 2016 Rio Olympics! Now, hold that thought.

At our camp we just found out Rolling Stone Australia premiered today All The Colours‘ new video, “Jonathan” and, we’ve gotta tell ya, it’s special! But we won’t spoil it, see for yourselves here:

Ps: note the *Explicit Content* warning 😉


Now, back to the #rio2016 subject…although international artists are very popular in Brazil, the country as a whole has its own very rich music scene and its own particular genres. Like bossa nova, for example, which was actually born in Rio. Tijuca, actually, contrary to popular believe due to one of its most famous classics, Garota de Ipanema.

Being from there myself, I could go on and on about each artist on today’s playlist and I’m actually really tempted to tell a little bit of some of these stories but I’ll spare you the essay and just leave you with the music.

In our musical “guide to Rio 2016” you’ll find rock, pop, soul, funk and local genres such as the previously mentioned bossa nova, pagode and samba.

Even if you’re not a Brazilian music connoisseur, you might recognise some names who have crossed the Atlantic one too many times such as Seu JorgeTom Jobim, Azymuth, soul king Tim Maia and Rodrigo Amarante (hey there, Narcos‘ theme tune!).

Note Marisa Monte, who beautifully sang at last Olympics’ handover ceremony and Anitta, currently Brazil’s biggest pop star, who you’ll be seeing at the opening ceremony tonight.

Let the games begin!

– A&G blogger

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