Weekly Round Up – holiday special

It’s a cool summer Friday – what? no? Oh, it must be the AC ❤️

Anyway! Here we are with one more weekly round up bringing you news from our HQ and our usual playlist.

Last weekend the G Festival took place at beautiful Faroe Islands and, of course, the island’s most famous musical export, Eivør, was there gracing their stage AND being interviewed by The Guardian‘s Michael Hann.



“In the Faroe Islands, everyone is in a band” – you can read more of Hann’s time at G Festival on The Guardian’s website.


More exciting news from our camp coming from our sister company, A&G Sync‘s latest sync deal with Strongbow.

Their new Rio 2016 campaign will run across a number of media channels and features one of our roster’s most popular tracks, Sohodolls“Stripper”.


It’s the end of July, it’s summer, it’s unusually scorching hot and everyone seems to be going on holidays, so here’s a Holiday Mix to keep you going while that day doesn’t come or to soundtrack your time off wherever you choose to spend it. Personally, I’d vote Turks & Caicos cuddling rescue puppies, but anyway…

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