Weekly Round Up – peace & love

Yet another gloomy Friday weekly round up following yet another terrorist attack…so we’ll try to lighten up the mood a bit and bring you happy news, love and good music.

*As usual, there’s been loads of great articles about the music industry but we picked this one in particular by Columbia’s Samuel Potts. It’s quite fantastic as he analyses other areas of the entertainment industry (yes, sports counts too!) in order to identify where music is going right or wrong:

Record Labels Need a Change of Culture in the “Dashboard Era” of the Music Industry

On the subject of business news…there’s a group of really inspiring people organising lots of events to talk about the about its future following that Brexit debacle and we attended one of these at The Macbeth last Monday. We encourage everyone in the industry to get involved!


*Music+Sound Awards: we didn’t take it home this time but we’d like to congratulate Pitch & Sync for their win with this really cool Desperados ad:



*NEW SHOW ALERT: If you’re a fan of music-related shows and are Roadiesmissing Vinyl, there’s a new one in town and it’s Cameron Crowe’s Roadies.

While Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger took you behind the scenes of the recorded music industry, Crowe gives you a backstage pass to show you around the live scene.

You can catch it on Showtime in the US and on Amazon Video in the UK.


*We receive dozens of music submissions daily and, please, do keep them coming! We love to hear what’s out there and are really excited at the prospect of finding the next bing thing.

However, many of these often miss important details that we need to see, so here’s some kind of checklist yours truly put together for you to consult prior to submitting your work whether it is to us, to a label or any music executive.

Tips for the DIY Musician: Music Submissions


*Weekly playlist:

After all that’s been happening, we couldn’t have chosen a different theme for today’s playlist and we’d like to dedicate it to everyone affected by the recent attacks.

It’s hard not to go cliche on this one but, at this point, who cares? What matters is the message.

So this one goes out to France, Syria, Belgium, Turkey, the USA, Iraq, Bangladesh…☮️💟🌈

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