Weekly Round Up – bday edition


It’s Friday 8 July and this week instead of bringing A&G news we’re sharing the latest in the music industry which has been all about artists et al v. YouTube. Here are some of the top articles to help you understand what’s going on:

Rock stars go to war with YouTube at their peril (The Guardian)

YouTube’s Dominance Takes a Beating from Spotify, Apply Music & Co. (Music Business Worldwide)

How Spotify and Apple are winning a blockbuster war against YouTube (Music Business Worldwide)

It was Independence Day for our friends across the ocean on Monday and, if you don’t yet follow us on Facebook, you missed out on a cool article about American music genres we shared but, fear not, here it goes:

You Asked: What Genres of Music Are Native to America?

After all, it goes without saying how much the US has contributed to the world’s music catalogue!

It’s, er, someone‘s birthday today…so someone hijacked the weekly playlist to feature all their favourite songs (shhhh don’t tell anyone!).


I could’ve just slapped a “90s mixtape” sticker on it because that’s pretty much what it is. It was VERY difficult to choose only one song from most of these artists so I took the liberty to, for my heroes, Pearl Jam, choose one out of each album. 😬

So get that flannel shirt out of the closet, order some pizza and crank up the volume!

It’s also the 20th anniversary of the release of one of “girl power”‘s classic anthems, Wannabe, so that’s obviously on the playlist too. Obvs.

Fyi, due to a recent court ruling, you can all sing someone, “Wannabe” or whoever you want the “Happy Birthday” song without owing anyone a single penny in royalties.

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