Weekly Round Up – Discover OST

england-205And Friday is upon us once again. Not just any Friday, but Euro Cup kick off Friday. How long do you think England is going to last?

(disclaimer: A&G blogger is not English, not even British. Any football-related comment from now until the end of the cup does not reflect the views of the company. I mean, it’s not like England will hang on that far anyway!)

Ooooo-kay, maybe we should get back to our much loved subject: music.

The gang went to the usual weekly gigs (because #giglife is the best life!) and one of our favourites, Jess Thristan, shared this kick-ass cover she did of Zara Larsson’s “Lush Life”.

There’s a chance yours truly recently got highly addicted to a certain teenage TV show with an incredible soundtrack and “Lush Life” is actually part of it. One thing led to another and, there you go, today’s playlist is all about that!

I mean, it doesn’t matter how great actors are, TV shows, ads, movies would have a hard conveying certain messages and feelings. And, hell, LIFE would be pretty boring without our own personal soundtracks. The Boss (Springsteen, duh!) himself once said:

People listen to your music not to find out about you, but to find out about themselves.

Isn’t that true? How many times has a song spoken FOR you when you couldn’t find the words or maybe not even understand what you were thinking and feeling?!

Yeah, I think we can agree that music is as essential as…well, air, water, friends.

But the other amazing thing about soundtracks is that you can actually discover some great music you otherwise maybe would’ve never heard of and these teenage shows are actually great for that! They don’t only play famous bands and what’s in the charts, but they tend to introduce us to a lot of stuff that’s out there and maybe we don’t know about .

This week’s very long playlist features a gazillion artists I discovered through these soundtracks. A few of them I already knew but didn’t know a particular song that I really loved. And I hope with this someone out there can fall in love with some new bands too – even if they’re not new to the rest of the world.


*Fun fact: Sohodolls is one of the many great bands we represent and you might have heard their song “Stripper” in Gossip Girl as the soundtrack to Blair Waldorf, well, STRIPPING, for Chuck Bass!

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