Weekly Round Up – #officejams #TGE16

It’s TGE Friday!

Anyone at The Great Escape? We’d love to hear about your findings! We’ve got A&G Sync down in Brighton checking out the hottest up-and-coming acts and a few of them have also made an appearance on our weekly playlist like Bleached and Triptides.

This is what we’ve been listening to around the office or on our headphones (and yep, we’re pretty diverse like that…).

Today, instead of bringing you news from the A&G HQ, we’re sharing some of the industry news that caught our attention this week:

*It’s Mental Health Awareness Week and The Guardian published a fantastic article about the importance of a manager who protects “their client’s emotional, mental and physical state just as passionately as their business interests”

*Over at Hypebot, you can read all about how #Brexit can affect the UK music industry

*Podcast of the week: we’ve shared a Synchtank podcast on our Facebook page before as they always have interesting ones. This time we’ve got their latest where they cover “sampling”, an extremely important subject for anyone seeking a publishing/recording deal or commercialising it in any way.

*This year’s Eurovision hosts offered some golden advice as to how to write and perform a hit song (WARNING: sarcasm).

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