Record Store Day 2016

It’s Record Store Day! So we’ve got another special edition mixtape for you. So special, in fact, that it deserves its own post.

I, A&G blogger, asked the office guys to share some of their most memorable records and put them all together in a playlist. But it wouldn’t be as much fun without a little bit of background info…

Chloe: “because driving around the UK countryside listening to Heart was the best!”

” and Spice Girls, because it was the 90s”

*Chloe kept adding to the playlist throughout the day…along with giving us some insight into her teenage J-Lo craze!

Zoe: Hot Chocolate’s “You Sexy Thing”. The first song then 3-year-old Zoe remembers singing along to in the back of the car…while wondering what on earth did “sexy” mean!

Owen: favourite band: Brand New. Favourite Brand New album: The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me. Reasons: a million!

“Really emo, I love it!”

“I can think of a story that happened for each song of that album.” And here’s one of them…by chance, Brand New announced a gig right around when Owen finished high school. So he and a friend had the brilliant idea to get tickets for that to celebrate their milestone.

The day comes and where are the tickets? Friend: “I got mine. I thought you were getting yours!”

So Owen spent that evening listening to the album a million times back to back.

A&G blogger: most of my early musical education, which shaped who I am and what I like today, has either come from my dad, my brother or 90s soundtracks (hi, Cardigans!).

There’s a chance I still might have a box full of cassettes in the back of my parents’ closet somewhere but the one tape that stands out to date and is now appreciated in the form of a Spotify playlist is one of the mixtapes my older brother made me when I was around 9 and it takes me right back to that summer we spent listening to the radio (and recording songs with the DJ speaking over it!), playing volleyball in the pool and staying up late watching TV shows we recorded on VHS…you know, old school Netflix.

Dire Straits, Roxette, Madonna, MJ, REM…they’re all in there. Madonna and MJ were our absolute favourites! It was around the time of The Girlie Show tour which made a stop at Rio’s Maracanã and I still resent my mom for not letting me go (probably because I was 8!). To be honest, the first Dire Straits song I ever heard was this jingle they made for a jeans brand, Daikiri, which I’ve never been able to find (even during Napster days) but still remember the words to it!

Bands I can’t leave behind as they made such a big impact on my musical life at the time, they’ll always have a place in my heart: The Beatles, Backstreet Boys (yes! Lots of love for the Backstreets Boys!), Metallica (which I have to confess to discovering through MTV when they released a cover of “Whiskey in the Jar”), Garbage and, my one true love, Pearl Jam (although I claimed Nirvana as my favourite for a year or so as a rebellious teen carrying Kurt Cobain’s suicide note around in my wallet). Finally, Tom Jobim, Brazilian legend. I doubt there was a household in the country that didn’t listen to him.

Sorry there’s not THAT much background info on Chloe, Zoe and Owen’s choices – they’re too busy doing actual work!

How about you guys? What are YOUR most memorable records and why? We’d love to hear embarrassing stories!

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