Weekly Round Up

Hello, and Happy New Year!

A lot has been going on over the first week of 2016. 

* Jack Shaw has announced that he should be performing in Berlin on 27th January. He is performing at a secret location in Cambridge on 31st January as well! https://twitter.com/jackshawmusic

* Jess Thristan performed a gig in her hometown of Halifax last Sunday! She also performed last Wednesday in Milo, Leeds. Later on this month she will be performing again in Halifax at ‘The Queen’s Head’ on 23rd January then at ‘Square Chapel’ on 31st January. http://www.jessthristan.co.uk/

* All The Colours played a double set at ‘The Penny Black’ on 2nd January in Melbourne! https://www.facebook.com/Allthecolours/

* Eivør performed on Faroese TV on New Years Eve! She has just announced 2 gigs in Iceland on 27th & 28th February. She has had exciting news’s her song ‘BROTIN’ was added to this years first Nordic Playlist and was chosen by Olafur Arnalds (Icelandic BAFTA winning composer) and Janus Rasmussen from the Faroe islands. http://eivor.com/

*  Lauren Thalia is busy writing, recording and working on new demo song ideas at home whilst also studying hard for her GCSE’s.  http://www.laurenthalia.com/

* Ringo Deathstarr have just been added to Noise Pop Music Festival 2016 (February 19-28th – California) They performed last Saturday in Austin, TX! http://ringodeathstarr.org/

* Vincent Thomas Alfieri is currently focusing on writing and production for film/TV placement. He is playing in a new band called ‘Berlin After Midnite’ and wrote a song with them which is being prepped for radio play! 

Have a lovely week!

A&G 🙂

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