Weekly Round Up

We’ve had another busy & exciting week here at A&G!

Taffy have released their very own app which features their music videos, lyrics and general updates! Check it out here:


Following their recent gig on 2nd December, they are performing again today in Tokyo! (http://www.taffy8.com/

Sara Eker has been spending most of her time at Metrophonic Studios! She’s been writing with boyband Twenty 4 Seven and with an artist and songwriter from Finland, Venior, who is signed to Sony! This week she will be writing with Jess Thristan and KaiKai Smith who is a producer/writer for Venior. (https://twitter.com/saraeker

Jess Thristan will be performing in Nottingham at the Rescue Rooms on Monday 7th December! She has just performed live today on BBC Radio Leeds! As well as this….her cover of ‘From Me To You’ has been added to the playlists in:

  • Joules (100+ UK Stores)
  • Travel Lodge (456+ UK Hotels)
  • Jury’s Inn (UK)
  • Green Kind Pubs/Bars (1600+ pubs, bars & restaurants)….including:
  •  Loch Fyne Restaurants (41 restaurants)
  •  Spirit Pub Company (750+ Pubs)


David Morris performed at Huddersfield Town Hall last month which sold out and was promoted by BBC Radio Leeds! He is performing again in Oldham on 16th December with the same group.  (http://davidmorris-whistler.com/

We have exciting news that Eivor has been nominated for the GAFFA Awards in Denmark today!! She also had an interview about her Sløur Tour in the German Gay Magazine ‘Mannschaft’.  (http://eivor.com/

*** We have a lot of artists currently working hard in the studio….

Chelsea Automatic have been spending a lot of time in the studio and will be finishing their single by the end of the holidays to then release their EP by Spring 2016! (https://www.facebook.com/ChelseaAutomatic/

Sarah DeCourcy is currently in Paris recording! (http://www.sarahdecourcy.com/

Leon of Athens are in the studio recording their new track ‘Dreamcatchers’!  (http://www.leonofathens.com/)

Joshua Healey is currently writing for Nathan Grisdale called ‘Better Day’ and is writing 2 film scores. As well as this he is performing at open mic nights in Liverpool at ‘Leaf’ most weeks. (https://www.facebook.com/JoshHealeyMusic/

Pepe Deluxe are working very hard on their new album which is due for release next year. (https://www.facebook.com/PepeDeluxeOfficial/

Let’s see what next week brings!

A&G 🙂

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