Sky TV Christmas Campaign Germany

Sky - Jess Thirstan

We are excited to finally announce that we’ve landed the Sky Christmas Campaign ad in Germany, which features Jess Thirstan’s heart-felt cover of the Beatles “From Me To You”.

Germany are super excited for this advert to be release after German newspaper ‘Horizont’ described the ad as “emotional and touching” which fits with Sky’s brand as they believe that they “provide emotional value and the common experience in the foreground”.

The track was released on 18th November in Germany and is due for release 27th November for the rest of the world, but is available to stream online now.

Roland Monger (Listen with Monger) says when Jess sings, “you believe it and anyone left without a lump in the throat and the sting of a tear in the eye is emotionally stunned”.

The passionate advert, titled ‘Button’ features a young boy who is searching for a button for his bear’s lost eye. He gets turned down from many places then eventually finds the perfect button. The track fits perfectly to the emotional story of the advert.

 Check it out here!

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