Sync Of The Week

San Pellegrino

Introducing our latest sync The Life Deliziosa” celebrating the launch of San Pellegrino fruit beverages across the world!

Featuring A&G’s very own David Morris rendition of “Trumpet Triplets” San Pellegrino’s latest ad encompasses all the authentic Italian heritage the brand is so proud of. The commercial aims to showcase its Italian routes using the iconic scenes of a small fishing village and the wholesome, quirky, demographic of people that reside there. Filled with vibrant and scenic images of Sicily, we follow a bocce ball navigating its way through a bustling village to the typical brass arrangement and whistling blend we’ve come to associate with the world famous whistler David Morris!

David, who we’ve seen feature on adverts such as TSB and BMW Mini, is exclusively represented by A&G sync, for both existing work and bespoke composition and we’re incredibly excited to see his latest placement blend into San Pellegrino’s vision of Sicily so effortlessly!

Check it out here on YouTube –
Trumpet Triplets by David Morris is available to download from iTunes:


Brand: San Pellegrino
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
Chief Creative Officer: Giuseppe Mastromatteo
Creative Director: Jeff Leaf, Robert Balog
Copywriter: Gavin Breyer
Director: Martin Aamund
Production Company: Akita Film
Art Director: Dave Marino
Music Supervisor: Jesper Gadeberg
Track: Trumpet Triplets
Artist: David Morris
Publisher: A&G Songs Ltd.

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