It is a sunny/rainy/kind of schizophrenic day in London. The office is filled with joy, coffee and a colleague who is singing songs with a Kermit-The-Frog voice in a really beautiful way….. Haha the laughs! 🙂

These past couple of weeks have been eventful for Jess Thristan. Her song “Little Bird” got its first play on BBC Radio 2 by Clare Balding and several plays nationwide after that. The Ont Sofa Session with Sensible Music where she gracefully covered The Beatles’ “From Me to You” has hit the web – so go ahead and have a look!

Jess has just finished shooting the first location scene of her music video to ‘Little Bird’ (shooting second location tomorrow) with the talented guys over at Video Ink. A day filled with faux flowers, wind-up toys and more (not letting too much on) 😉  – Video will be out in a few weeks, so watch out for that. Even through all this, Jess still also had time to do some recording in the beautiful Grand Chapel Studios. Things are happening.

IMG_4695 IMG_4696

photo 1


Grand Chapel Studios in Bedfordshire equals amazing sound and setting.

 photo 2-1 10256546_797307423661900_4090916259732970324_n 10314624_797265240332785_6082501281206826201_n 10645042_797241480335161_4842917266855284601_n

On location for the “Little Bird” video. Magical!

Also worth mentioning: our beloved sister company A&G Sync just had another incredible sync deal with the new Volkswagen-ad and music by Kill it Kid. You go guys! Check it out here

With that said, we are off to make some more things happen. Although, we might procrastinate a bit until tomorrow. It is Monday after all!

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