Autumn, we like you.

Hope you all have been well and are enjoying this surprisingly great autumn that is upon us! We are halfway through September and a lot of cool things have been going on at A&G recently.

Sarah DeCourcy is doing brilliantly. She just had a track climb the iTunes charts, called “Gorecki – Freemasons 3AM Remix”. It is performed by Pegasus ft. Levana Wolf and co-produced by Sarah. She also has an official website now where you can find her music, current projects and other great stuff. Go ahead and click this link for more

The ever so lovely Janet Devlin has released a new video for her track “Creatures of the Night” and we find it adorable. Check it out here: Oh, and psst… Her album with the same title is coming out September 22nd and is now available to pre-order on iTunes!

Rising star Jess Thristan is one to watch. She has done two live sessions in one week! The first was for Ont’ Sofa and the second was together with Whispering Bob for Under the Appletree. Keep an eye out for the videos on and

Jess also shared some great news today: not only did she release a teaser for her upcoming single “Little Bird’ but her website also went live! Make sure to stick around for the single and pre-order it October 13th.

Leon of Athens has gone on the road for his first UK-tour where Birmingham was the first stop – and he is killing it! If you feel the need to catch him at a show, and you really should feel that need; this is when and where you can find him

A beautiful new song by Lauren Thalia is also yours to get on iTunes. Download “Your Light” here and do it for the sake of good music

We will end these news with a name change announcement: Caleidra is now Naomi. She is also officially verified on Facebook which is pretty darn major!

So that is all for now. We really have been on a roll lately, eh? You can be so sure that we will be back with more updates soon as the rest of this year is filled with excitement! Until then, the one thing we will always recommend is that you listen to some music. And enjoy a cup of Pumpkin Spice Latte.

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