Our First Post!

Why, hello there.

How is your Monday going? Would you say that it is below, within or above expectation? Well the way we see it here at A&G; basically no Monday is too dreadful to handle. Not as long as you have the right soundtrack to guide you through it. And coffee, plenty of coffee.

It has just been a matter of time before we finally reached the blogosphere as well as pretty much any social media source out there. What can we say? These days, if you do not get online, #hashtag the heck out of things and tell your story virally – you do not count. We blog and therefore we exist. Yes, you may take that statement with a pinch of salt.

What “A&G Songs” really is. Here it goes. We are a Music Publishing company. Established in 2007, it was born out of its’ previous record label; A&G Records Ltd (who signed deals with the likes of Bananarama, oh yes, remember those girls?). It was founded by Chairman Augusto Gentili and Managing Director Roy Lidstone; two very cool characters if we may say so. Since the record label is not as active as it used to be (we do still release singles through the Record Label Arm here and there), the publishing part of the company has successfully branched out on its own during the last few years. With offices in both London and Los Angeles, and the music licensing sister company “A&G Sync” by our side, this unit is only growing stronger.  

What we do. Well… Um… The obvious bit is that we publish songs for our signed clients and exploit those works to the World. We actively look for collaborations for our artists, and go out delving into studio sessions! We keep a high quality roster of artists, writers and publishers and collaborate with people all over the world. A song that an artist has signed to us could very well end up in the next big TV-ad or film and we make sure to always work closely with our clients and communicate on a personal level.

What we will write about on this fabulous blog. Fun and thrilling things that are happening to the company and its family of artists. New releases, videos, campaigns; just anything worth reporting. Oh, and if you are lucky we will probably post one of those funny cat videos every now and then. Did you know that cat videos are a way of communicating these days? No? Well, perhaps we will rethink that idea then.

Stay tuned for more posts you amazing creatures and please leave a comment if any thoughts came to mind. Until then, listen to some music.

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